We’re making homeowners.

We’re EP Homes. We’re on a mission to help everyday people become their best financial self; as homeowners.

What Our Clients Are Saying

How the Bridge to OwnTM Program works

1. Get Pre-Qualified

It only takes 5 mins and will not impact your credit score. One of our team members will reach out to you after your submission.

2. Get Approved. Go Shopping

Submit the required information and complete your application. Find your dream home with one of EP Homes' builder partners.

3. Set up Your Bridge to Own™ Plan and EP Homes Purchases the Home

Once you choose your home, we buy it. Yes, really! We will set your move in date and finalize your Bridge to Own™ Plan. EP Homes will pay for the home and cover the GST and closing costs.

4. New Home Walkthrough and Move in​

Move into your home, get comfortable and plant your roots. Rest easy knowing, you are living in a warrantied home.

5. Save and Stick to Your Plan​

Make your regular payments on time and accumulate a down payment. Review your Bridge to Own™ Plan on a regular basis with EP homes team.

6. Buy the Home at the End of the Lease Term

The EP Homes Team will help you prepare your mortgage application with the lender of your choice. Once your mortgage is approved, we will help you transfer the property title into your name.

Be a homeowner with us today!

Complete a pre-qualification assessment today and see if the Bridge to OwnProgram is right for you.