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woman at home being enjoying homeownership

Women and Homeownership

Homeownership for women hasn’t always been an easy path. It wasn’t until the Married Women’s Property Act nearly 140 years ago in Ontario that women

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A beautiful young Black boy pinches his Dad's cheek in Black communities in Canada

Black Communities in Canada

Black communities across Canada have helped shape the neighborhoods in our towns, cities, provinces and territories. They have been home to some of Canada’s most

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Team Spotlight hero image with pink background and blue text

Team Spotlight: Jay

At EP Financial, people are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about helping our clients be their best financial selves and

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Technician climbs ladder with his toolbox in order to repair air conditioner in woman's house for a home warranty claim

Home Warranty

Home warranty is mandatory for all newly built homes in Alberta, but what does that mean? The Alberta New Home Warranty Program covers work done

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Rental Market Challenges

In recent months, rental market challenges have increased for many.     The demographic of renters is large including those that are new to Canada, young

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Closing Costs

Buying a home in Canada includes two upfront financing payments before getting a mortgage: a down payment and closing costs. Most people are aware they

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two men moving into a house with boxes discussing housing affordability

Housing Affordability

he cost of goods and services is affected by the supply and demand of the market—housing affordability is no different. In our current market housing

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