Making home organization a priority can keep the clutter away and have a positive impact on your mental health.  

Many say a cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind.  When your environment is messy, you can feel bogged down and overwhelmed which can lead to mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

When your mental health starts to spiral, organizing your home can feel even more challenging than it did in the first place.

Organizing your home can be the first step to improving your mental health. The key is to chip away at things—big or small—even when you don’t feel like it to create a space that helps you feel good.

“Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self-care.”  
– Emma Scheib, Health and Wellness Coach

Small Steps

Home organization doesn’t have to mean re-organizing your entire house. You can start with one area at a time.

A good idea is to take an inventory of everything in your home and see which areas would bring you the biggest relief first.


For example, if your pantry has been neglected for a while, take everything out and place all the items on a countertop. Put items that are similar in nature—like sauces with sauces and canned veggies with canned veggies—together. And don’t forget to toss out expired items!


Creating categories when organizing your home can help prevent feeling overwhelmed and make the whole process much smoother.

“Human beings can only truly cherish a limited number of things at one time.”
– Marie Condo, Organizing Consultant

When clutter turns more serious

We  all have certain sentimental items that we have a hard time parting with. But, for some getting rid of any possessions is so difficult that they keep everything. This is called hoarding.

Considered a mental health condition, hoarding can be the cause of or create other mental health issues. In addition, it makes organizing your home nearly impossible creating a very difficult cycle to break.

While symptoms of hoarding can be obvious, it is still advised that a proper diagnosis be delivered by a qualified doctor and/or psychologist.  

Home organization resources

There are many books and tv shows that tackle the topic of home organization.

Both can help you add more feng shui into your space to create a better feeling of flow.

They can also help you determine which storage containers, bins or baskets work best for the area of your home that needs to be organized.

If you don’t have the time (or patience) to go through a book or watch a show, call a friend or family member who may excel at organization.

Having someone guide you through the process to make it less overwhelming is always a good idea.

Organization doesn’t have to be treated as a chore, it can be fun! Make it a girl’s night, or have your family or the kids help out with.

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