Over the last few years rent-to-own programs have become a popular method of homeownership for individuals and families who would otherwise not be able to own their own home.

But, what is rent to own? And how is our Bridge to Homeownership™ program different?

Bridge to Homeownership™ 

With other rent-to-own programs offering the opportunity of homeownership, a down payment is required up front. These rent-to-own programs ask for a 3-5% down, which many people may not have saved enough for causing additional financial stress to some potential homeowners.


Our Bridge to Homeownership™ program really is 0% down!


Unlike many other rent-to-own programs, our Bridge to Homeownership™ program is exclusive to new builds. We offer you an opportunity to own a brand-new turnkey home! Once you’re approved, you can select your home from one of our partner home builders.


Eliminate the worry of any renovations or repairs needed to your property. Your new home has warranty and comes equipped with brand-new appliances.    

new homeowner using his new washer and dryer

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Just imagine, the convenience of a new washer and dryer that is just for you and your family. If you are coming from an apartment, condo or shared living space where you had to make sure to get up extra early on a weekend just to beat the laundry room rush, you know how satisfying this is. 


These are just some of the benefits future homeowners dream about with other rent-to-own programs, but EP Homes Bridge to Homeownership™ makes these dreams a reality.


We are here to give your family a fresh start and even offer to pay for closing costs, which include legal fees; property insurance for the duration of the lease agreement; and a property appraisal.


All that plus we pay for the cost of GST!

This program gave me the chance to live in a new house in this great neighbourhood while  I save money for my down payment. I’m now a homeowner! I would highly recommend this program to everyone; I give it a 10/10… it works.

-Ryan W.  | EP Homes Graduate, Edmonton

How it works

Your payments consist of monthly rent + a savings component. At the end of your term, you’ll have your down payment from the savings you’ve accumulated—other rent-to-own programs often ask you to have a portion of the down payment ready beforehand.


Another advantage of using our program over other rent-to-own programs is that we offer complimentary credit coaching to all clients. We can guide you from a starter home to your forever home, by helping you establish positive financial habits and get your mortgage ready.


At the end of your term, you will have the down payment needed to qualify for a mortgage. We will introduce you to senior broker who will work with you to obtain a mortgage.  

Who is the Bridge to Homeownership™  program for?

We are not a one-size-fits-all program and will happily customize for every client with good credit, and no down payment, to see what you qualify for. EP Homes Bridge to Homeownership™ offers flexible lease terms ranging from 1 to 3-years to accommodate different client journeys. We want to get everyone on the path to homeownership and to help spread the word, so we have created a referral program.


By simply telling a friend, family or neighbour about the EP Homes Bridge to Homeownership™ program and asking them to complete an application, you will qualify for $1,000 once the referral is approved and they begin the Bridge to Homeownership™ program. 

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